University of Oregon


            Summer 2003: “Harmonic Chains and Transitions”


            Summer 2002: “Harmonic Chains and Transitions”


Lane Community College, Eugene, OR


            1993–1994: “Techniques of Music Composition”


Harvard University


            1986–1987 (teaching fellow): “Music A”: basic piano for undergraduates; studio instruction in basic piano technique, keyboard harmony, sight-reading, score-reading, and assignments of works from the common practice period to the early twentieth century.


            1984-1985 (teaching fellow): “Music 51”: elementary theory for undergraduates taught by Professor Luise Vosgerschian (a protégée of Nadia Boulanger); emphasis on mastering florid four-part harmonization in emulation of the Bach-Chorale style;  also, figured bass harmonization and improvisation with proper voice-leading. Emphasis on written work, keyboard harmony, ear-training, dictation, and elementary species counterpoint.




            1975-Present: Independent instructor of piano, theory, composition and improvisation (in Berkeley CA, Boston MA, Cambridge MA, Eugene OR, Portland, OR). Currently member of, and active participant in, the Oregon Music Teachers Association.  2000-2003: Chair of the OMTA annual “Composition Celebration.” 1998-2000: Chair of the annual OMTA Jazz/Pop Festival for Eugene area music students. Regularly participation of students in OMTA-sponsored recitals and competitive events. Composition students have won awards for their pieces at the national level.


Yamaha Corporation of America


            1995: Alameda, California (in Bay Area)

                       Composition (preparation of students for “Yamaha Junior Original Concert”)


            1994: Phoenix, Arizona (Seminars for Yamaha music instructors)

                        Keyboard Harmony

                        Tonal Improvisation (theme and variations and motive improvisation)


                        Comprehensive Musicianship


Piedmont Piano Company, Oakland, CA


            1992: Studio instruction in piano


Sherman Clay, Oakland, CA


            1991: Music Theory Course


Boston Conservatory of Music


            1982-1983: Individual tutoring in harmony and analysis